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Ministry Leadership


We want to empower students and provide them the opportunity to be reflections of God's love within their community, through the development and execution of their own service projects.

We recognize the importance of helping students grow into becoming the next generation of leaders within the church. We believe that by providing students with opportunities that foster their creativity and passion for not only their relationship with Christ, but also for the community around them, students will gain valuable insight into what it means to be a servant in God's Kingdom.

Through NYI Southwest Field, student teams will receive a grant of $250 to help support their own community project.

Some ministries will be selected to receive $1000 or more.


Requirements to apply:

  • 13-18 Years of Age

  • Must agree to report on project's progress and reflect on its overall impact.

  • Encouraged to have 2 or more students be apart of the team.



Click Here to Apply Now!

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